Corporate Social Responsibility

Our internal controls and processes ensure that we make grounded business decisions that consider the broader impact of our corporate actions on our wider community.  Calsonic Kansei is committed to treating our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and communities with honest, integrity, fairness and respect.


Calsonic Kansei is committed to the conservation of our environment through our focus on the elimination of waste and the development of innovative eco technologies.

Calsonic Kansei’s Five Pillars of Environmental Conservation

  • Reinforcement of environmental management within our group
  • Promotion and expansion of zero emission plants that do not generate waste materials
  • Environmental Friendly product Development
  • CO2 (causative substance of global warming) Emission Reduction
  • Societal Contribution and Regional Coexistence

Calsonic Kansei Europe is an ISO 14001:2004 certified organization.


We consider that the safety and wellbeing of our employees is as important to our business as the quality of our products.

Our fundamental approach to safety is that all injuries, whether they are caused by unsafe processes, equipment or behaviours are preventable, and our aim is to have zero injury operations.

In 2010  Calsonic Kansei Europe launched a Zero Injuries Programme (ZIP) which aims to change the fundamental safety culture of our organisation. We recognise that our goal to achieve zero injuries is not easily accomplished, but working as one team, we have started a 5 year plan which will take us on the journey to achieve this goal.


We recognise that compliance is an integral part of our corporate governance. It not only protects the interests of our company and stakeholders, but gives our employees confidence and pride in working for Calsonic Kansei.

Our compliance framework covers the following 3 main areas:

  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Compliance with company policies, regulations and procedures;
  • Compliance with social norms, ethical and moral standards.

Our Code of Conduct sets out the standard which apply to all of our employees to ensure that we act in compliance with these areas, and that we continue to treat our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and communities with honesty, integrity, fairness and respect.

The Calsonic Kansei Code of Conduct

1.    To comply with all laws and rules

5.    To be transparent and accountable

2.    To avoid conflicts of interest

6.    To value diversity and provide equal opportunity

3.    To preserve company assets

7.    To be environmentally responsible

4.    To be impartial and fair

8.    To be active and report violations

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Slavery and human trafficking statement for Calsonic Kansei Europe PLC and its subsidiaries for the year ended 31st March 2018.

This statement is made pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 “Transparency in Supply chains” (the “Act”).

This statement has been adopted by Calsonic Kansei Europe plc and its UK subsidiary companies as their respective slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31st March 2018. This Statement sets out the steps that Calsonic Kansei Europe plc and its subsidiaries (“CKEU”) have taken to address the risks of slavery and human trafficking being present within CKEU’s operations and supply chain.