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Company History

With our origins dating back to the early 1900’s we are an established supplier to the European and Global Automotive markets.

Our current European company structure is a result of a variety of mergers and acquisitions. Despite our diverse background we are joined as one team and we have been able to harness the experience gained from each stage of our rich history to deliver expertise to our customers. Today, Calsonic Kansei Europe continues to grow and move from strength the strength, expanding into new emerging markets to meet the strategic needs of our customers.



Calsonic Kansei Sunderland Limited is acquired by Calsonic Kansei UK Limited through a business sale.


Calsonic Kansei Corporation is acquired by KKR following a take over bid from the American investment firm.


Calsonic Kansei opens an additional Technology Centre in Millbrook, UK.


Calsonic Kansei RUS LLC, a company owned 100% by Calsonic Kansei Europe plc is established in St. Petersburg, Russia.


A Branch office of Calsonic Kansei Europe plc is established in Paris after the business of Calsonic Kansei France SAS is transferred from Calsonic Kansei Corporation to Calsonic Kansei Europe plc.


Calsonic Kansei Europe plc acquires Intier Automotive Holding (UK) Limited’s 50% share in Magna Kansei Limited and Magna Kansei Limited is renamed Calsonic Kansei Sunderland Limited.


Calsonic Kansei Romania SRL, a company owned 100% by Calsonic Kansei Corporation is established in Ploiesti, Romania. Management of the company is given to Calsonic Kansei Europe plc.


Nissan Motor Limited purchase additional shares in Calsonic Kansei Corporation increasing their share holding from 27.6% to 41.7%. On the acquisition of the shares Calsonic Kansei Corporation becomes a consolidated subsidiary of the Nissan group.

Calsonic Kansei France SAS, a company owned 100% by Calsonic Kansei Corporation is established in Paris, France.


The German Branch offices of Calsonic Kansei Europe plc and Calsonic Kansei Corporation are merged.


Calsonic International (Europe) plc is renamed Calsonic Kansei Europe plc.

Llanelli Radiators Limited and Calsonic Automotive Products Limited merge through a business sale and Calsonic Kansei UK Limited is created.


In Japan, Calsonic Corporation and Kansei Corporation merge to become Calsonic Kansei Corporation.

With support from the Welsh Assembly Government Calsonic International (Europe) plc build a Wind Tunnel Test Facility at Llanelli, UK and an Advanced Learning Centre.


A Branch office of Calsonic International (Europe) plc is established in Munich, Germany


Marley Kansei Limited is renamed Magna Kansei Limited after Marley’s 50% share is acquired by Intier Automotive Holdings (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of the Canadian company Magna.

A Branch office of Calsonic Corporation is established in Frankfurt, Germany


With support from the Welsh Development Agency, Calsonic International (Europe) plc establishes its European Technology Centre at Llanelli.


Kanto Seiki Co Limited in Japan is renamed Kansei Corporation.

Marley Kanto Limited is renamed Marley Kansei Limited.

Calsonic Kansei Spain SA a company owned 100% by Calsonic International (Europe) plc is established in Barcelona, Spain.

Calsonic Exhaust Systems (UK) Limited is renamed Calsonic Automotive Products Limited.


Calsonic International (UK) Limited is renamed Calsonic International (Europe) plc.


Llanelli Radiators Limited is acquired by Calsonic Corporation and Calsonic International (UK) Ltd is established as a Group Head Office for Calsonic in Europe.

Ti-Nihon UK Limited is fully acquired by Calsonic International (UK) Limited and is renamed Calsonic Exhaust Systems (UK) Limited.

Kanto Seiki Co Limited in Japan & Marley Foam Limited enters into a Joint Venture establishing Marley Kanto Limited in Sunderland, UK.


Nihon Radiator Manufacturing Co. Limited in Japan is renamed ‘Calsonic Corporation’.


A management buyout from the Austin Rover Group occurs at the Llanelli Site and ‘Llanelli Radiators Limited’ is established.


Ti – Nihon UK Limited is established in Washington, Tyne & Wear, UK as a joint venture company between the TI Group and Nihon Radiator Manufacturing Co Ltd.

1968 to 1984

Morris Motors is subject to a number as ownership changes as the British Motor Corporation becomes part of the British Leyland Motor Corporation, then changing to British Leyland Limited and ultimately the Austin Rover Group.


Morris Radiators is acquired by the British Motor Corporation. Morris Radiators becomes known locally as ‘Morris Motors


Kanto Seiki Co. Limited is established in Japan.


Morris Radiators opens a manufacturing facility in Llanelli, Wales UK to produce the revolutionary gill tube radiator for the Spitfire aeroplane.


Nihon Radiator Manufacturing Co. Limited. is established in Japan.


Osberton Radiators is acquired by the William Morris Group and becomes ‘Morris Radiators.’


Osberton Radiators is established in Oxford, UK by Harold Alfred Ryder to support the manufacture of components for the Morris Motor Company.