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Exhaust Systems

Exhaust System

We at Calsonic Kansei, design and manufacture the complete exhaust system, which is able to meet the stringent regulations in markets all over the globe. We strive to push the boundaries with regards to fuel consumption, environmental cleanliness, weight reduction, engine performance and even exhaust note. We optimise the total exhaust system using different types of predictive technique tools and robust in-house validation methods in order to achieve a sophisticated balance; meaning they are highly rated by automotive manufacturers around the world.


Muffler is an important part in exhaust system which supresses the vehicle noise and expands the hot gas to cool down. We develop the muffler to suit NVH norms for different countries, promotes better airflow in the engine, which allows for better combustion and, in turn, translates to better performance and good fuel efficiency.

Exhaust Manifold Converters

The exhaust manifold converter is a catalytic converter connected directly to the exhaust manifold. Use of this type of exhaust manifold converter has been increasing in recent years compared to the conventional under-floor catalytic converters. The catalytic converter is an exhaust gas purification device that transforms toxic components of the exhaust gas into harmless substances through catalysis and removes them. Using thermal and fluid analysis and through material selection, we derive the most appropriate shape during our product design so as to improve engine power and purification performance.

Flexible Tubes

Flexible tubes are located in between exhaust manifold and front tube. They absorb engine vibration in order to reduce the vibration transmitted to the exhaust system and the automobile body. Our flexible tubes consist of a stainless steel pipe shaped like a bellows and wire braiding. The tubes have excellent vibration absorbing characteristics and exceptional reliability. Calsonic Kansei’s flexible tubes offer a variety of specifications in terms of caliber, length, and flexibility.

Front Tubes

The front tube is a pipe that guides the exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold to the muffler. It is connected by the exhaust manifold through flexible tube. Front tubes are of different shape and length depending upon engine and vehicle architecture. Front tube having provision for different sensors and electric/mechanical valves. We provide front tube assembly having optimised gauge thickness and high resistance to corrosion.