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Air Conditioner Control Switch

A/C switches are control switches for air conditioning (HVAC) systems. We provide lightweight and compact control switches that incorporate our original structure, which is based on expertise accumulated over many years from considering the different ways switches are used by people

Body Control Module (BCM)

BCM is the central controller in body electronics systems. It contributes to safety and security by integrating functions that assist in driving, such as controlling the headlights and wipers; functions that improve convenience, such as automatically turning off the vehicle’s interior lights and central door locks; and security functions such as an engine immobilizer.
Using our vast knowledge in body electronics technology, we are able to develop and supply the most appropriate products matching the diverse needs of our customers.

Cluster Meter

Cluster meters provide the driver with instant information about the vehicle, such as speed, engine RPM, fuel level, and warning indicators. In addition to vehicle information, Cluster meters also serve as integrated displays, as they are able to display other information such as for navigation and audio.
We are able to develop and supply human machine interfaces which are accurate and have high-precision display capabilities, using our unique approach based on ergonomics and the application of advanced technologies.

Lithium-Ion Battery Controller (LBC)

Our LBC monitors controls each battery cells’ condition to ensure that the lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles (EVs and HEVs) are being used safely. It also calculates the battery’s capacity to provide information such as the charging and discharging amount, and the vehicle’s possible cruising range.
We simultaneously achieved size reduction and low cost by integrating strong electric (400 V) and weak electric (12 V) on one PCB. Calsonic Kansei are currently supplying LBCs for the Nissan Leaf Programme – the highest selling Electric vehicle Model to date.